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High Dynamic Range photography done right. HDR is still the top method of photographing built structures for its ability to capture an image as close to what the eye sees. The process entails taking multiple images at different exposure levels and combining those photos into a composite image that bring the bright (over-exposed) areas down and the dark (under-exposed areas) up.


Texas is known for its hot sunny weather which makes for some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  Morning or evening twilight photography is a great way to create eye catching images that showcase a homes character as well as features like lighting, landscaping, pools and views.

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Whether for a magazine spread or for listing on the MLS, it’s not enough to just capture the overall spaces of a home.  Detail photography highlights the aspects of a space that make it unique and allow the viewer to get a different perspective and a deeper look inside that resonates a sense of connectedness.


The right editing can take an ordinary photo and make it stunning and noteworthy, while the wrong type of editing can turn it artificial and cringeworthy.  The editing process is one of the most important pieces in delivering quality images and at INHABIT we pride ourselves on an attention to the details that others may overlook and think you'll see the difference is notable.  You can rest assured knowing that our primary focus is quality and consistency while still providing the quick turn-around time that is so important.